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Home Reports

What they mean for you:

Home Reports are now an integral part of moving home. As a seller, you must have a home report before your home can be advertised for sale. And as a buyer, you can expect to see more and more homes for sale with Home Reports as time goes on.

So what are Home Reports? And what does it mean for buyers and sellers? This site sets out to explain what Home Reports contains and how they might change the way homes are bought and sold in Scotland.

You can find out more about what Home Reports contain.

The introduction of Home Reports is a major change to the way homes are advertised for sale in Scotland and we understand that as a buyer or a seller, you will have questions about how the new system works. We've tried to answer the questions you have been asking most often on the Questions and Answers page. We hope you find what you are looking for there.

But if you've got a question and you can't find the answer here, send us a note at info@homereportonline.co.uk. We may not be able to reply to each message individually, but we'll summarise the most frequently asked questions and update the Q&A with the relevant answers.


 What you can expect

  1. Expert recommendations on market value.
  2. Prompt instruction of the Single Survey and Energy Report.
  3. Speedy delivery of the completed report.
  4. High quality presentation of your home.
  5. On-line, electronic and hard copy distribution to qualified buyers.
  6. Regular updates on progress.
  7. Regular reports on buyers who have viewed your Home Report.
  8. A range of payment options to suit your circumstances.

Trust us to deliver

If you are thinking of selling, you can instruct your solicitor to provide a Home Report as part of the preparations for putting your home on the market.

As lawyers and estate agents, solicitors have a unique combination of skills and expertise that makes them ideally suited to preparing Home Reports.

The solicitor you appoint to sell your home can instruct a qualified surveyor to provide the survey and the energy report. They will provide an expert valuation for your home based on the latest sales information and will compile a dossier of evidence for the surveyor to support that valuation.

Once the survey and the energy report are complete, your solicitor will compile these reports and the Property Questionnaire in to a finished Home Report and make it ready for distribution to interested buyers on-line, by e-mail and as a printed document.

They will also integrate the delivery of Home Reports with the other preparations for selling your home such as production of schedules and preparing advertisements. This will ensure that once the Home Report is complete, you will be ready to advertise your home immediately.

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